Sunday, March 28, 2010

Andy Graham's Statement

Artist Statement

These images were all made one afternoon in early Spring, 1975. Influenced by my artist brother, Dan Graham, I went to Kennedy Park and Munjoy South, low-income housing complexes on Munjoy Hill, to make minimalist photographs with my Bronica S2A 2 ¼ camera on a tripod. Color photography was unaccepted in the art world, and the first significant color photography exhibit, William Eggleston at MOMA, was highly controversial in 1976. When I tried to make my ‘arty’ photos of the architecture, the kids hanging around kept saying “hey – take MY picture”. So I did. Rediscovering and finally printing these dusty images is enormously satisfying. I am transported back to my early days in Portland, and the innocence that was me at 23 and Portland in 1975.

Technical Info: Ektachrome, Bronica S2A, 60mm lens.

Andy Graham

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