Sunday, March 28, 2010

Joe Muir Bio and Images

Joe Muir was born in Goshen, Indiana and studied art, photography and music before moving to Maine to work with photographer Bernice Abbott. Besides printing her work Joe also printed the glass plates of Eugene Atget. In the early 1980s Joe began doing printing and airbrush retouching for commercial photographers and advertising agencies. In 1989 he started a business called the Black and White Image, which is still in operation in Portland. The business specializes in all types of digital image work including photo restoration and duplication. His clients include Verner Reed, Todd Webb and George Daniell. Recent projects include printing for a large show for the New York Public Library entitled "Life is Complicated", by photographer Robin Bowman and the complete restoration of a recently discovered collection of 1880s documentary photographs taken in the arctic. This work was done for the Institute of New Hampshire Studies at Plymouth State University. This body of work resulted in an exhibition and is currently being made into a book.

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