Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mark Rockwood Artist Statement and Note

n the spring of 1969 I came to Portland from the midwest to go to art school. Up the street from the school was Bicknell’s Photo Service. I bought my first camera used there. I stepped out the door and began shooting. Though I’ve spent the last 29 years doing commercial photography for a living, I have spent the past 41years shooting personal work on the streets, where ever I have lived and traveled. Though I worked to get Bachelors and Masters degrees in photography, it was shooting on the street that shaped my vision and direction throughout my photo life.

Mark Rockwood

Almost all the images were shot on Munjoy Hill in 1973. The only exceptions are BlueCross From Congress which is downtown same year and Len's Market which was 1974 and the corner of Cumberland and High streets.

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